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Traclaogic for Government

Tracalogic GPS Fleet Management System helps to protect government property like Public transport vehicles, Law enforcement vehicles, City buses, Fire trucks, Ambulances and many more. Get peace of mind with 24×7 location tracking and activities of your employees & vehicles when they are on an operation.

Tracalogic for Businesses

Business have to make sure that they get the most productivity and profit out of their investment. BlackBox GPS Tracking for Business fleets can put you in control of your employees and vehicles.Small businesses often face difficulties in managing their vehicles and employees.

Tracalogic for Individuals

Tracalogic GPS provides the ability to any person or individual to track and locate their vehicle or asset real time. An installed BlackBox GPS Vehicle Tracker provides confidence you can find and monitor your vehicle at anytime from anywhere using your desktop or smartphone. If your vehicle should ever get stolen – you will receive a call from the software.

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