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Student Tracking System
Student Tracking System
Long Range RFID Solutions
Smart City Solutions
GPS Tracker for Business Personnel
Integrated Command Control Center for Smart Cities


on moment to the key off momentand report generation by the driver and/or the vehicle.


is provided at each and every transmission,ignition on/off,& accurate odometer reading.


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Connecting your fleet from first mile to the last...

Fleet industry is in a transition mode and is rapidly changing. Constantly emerging technologies and trends are reshaping the fleet industry in all aspects. Cost reduction and risk management are the primary objectives of every fleet management company. To reduce costs, improve supply-chain visibility, maintain efficiency & safety standards, and provide compliance with government regulations, enterprises are looking to telematics technology. This technology promises a golden ticket for enterpris'es relentless quest for efficiency. The need of the hour is to have a modular, flexible, & end-to-end solution for intelligent management and control of your fleet.

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Focus on superior performance to ensure a great return on investment to the customer. Excellence in customer service. Crisis management and communication.

Your Fleet,Our Solutions

Manage and monitor your commercial vehicles with Smart Fleet Tracking.

Real Time Tracking
Web Portal & Mobile App
Geo-fence Entry/Exit Alert
Overspeeding Alert

Top 9 Reasons Why Choose Tracalogic?

———“Choosing Tracalogic Is A Wise Decision And For All The Good Reasons”———

Own Manufacturing

We have our own manufacturing unit since inception and our protocols are compatible with all tracking software.

Research & Development

We have more than 10 years extensive experience of Designing hardware, Implementing and device customization as per customer specifications.

Software Development

Our in house team of software developers & architects, makes us the company which offer fas customized solution as per customer need.

Service Engineer Network

Our own service engineer network across India is the USP which no one can match, our field engineers services are increasing regularly.

Huge Customer Base

We have strong happy customer base of 50k customers covering all segments like Government, Banks, Corporate Offices, Transport & Logistics industry.

Original Equipment Manufacture

We are OEM supplier to companies & our products are getting fitted in the vehicles at the time of production.

Aadhar GPS

Preferred vendor to Aadhar (Govt. Of India company UIDAI) for supplying Aadhar GPS for their aadhar centers in India.

Asset Tracking

We have specially designed Plug and Play product for Asset Tracking System which gives battery back up of with 11-20 days.

Pioneer, Patented & Precise

As India’s No 1 GPS Device, TracalogicGPS Enjoys the pride of being the only patented product in its category.

Our Products

We provide reporting and alerting on all of the common vehicle tracking metrics such as Fuel Monitoring, speed, location, heading, journey history, driver behavior, idling time.

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